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Veloce GT

made in italy

VELOCE GT, the light alloy wheel for compact cars with supercar dreams.

Increased production of cooler, more aggressive models means that today’s compact sports car market is livelier than ever. And the Veloce GT, the new OZ sport-family alloy wheel has been developed to upgrade look and performance of medium and compact sports cars. 

The design and style are reminiscent of those found on the most distinguished supercars of yesterday and today. Connoisseurs will have no trouble recognizing these elements, which were engineered specifically to customize the look of compact sports cars like the Mercedes A-Class and Mercedes-AMG A, Volkswagen Golf and Golf R, BMW 1 Series, BMW M1, and many others.

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Product Details

Model Monoblock
Design 9 spokes
Production process Low pressure casting process + Heat Treatment
Material Al Si 7 Mg
Offset range 35 - 50
Width range 7,5-8
Holes 5
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