Racing Department

OZ has involved in motorsport for more than 30 years as Supplier of the most prestigious teams in all kind of World competitions (F1, Rally, Le Mans, DTM, Indy..). The incredible number of victories and World titles of OZ History represent the essence of excellence and the most reliable evidence of the quality and performance of OZ products.



Through a combination of research; technology; discipline and creativity, OZ have raced and won with some of the world's most beloved teams and drivers, such as Senna; Piquet; Schumacher; Prost and Alonso, together winning more than 150 races in 30 years of competitions such as F1 ans WRC Rally.


Official Partners

In the world of racing, OZ has become synonymous with winning and from the very earliest days has been associated with the most famous and succesful teams. Each year OZ renews its commitment to racing with a single objective: to win and innovate in order to then transfer its race track research to its products for street use.


Formula Student

Wheels dedicated to the vehicles developed by the young talents at Formula Student. Experience, innovation, adrenaline: a competition that involves students from around the world.