Frequently Asked Questions

Does OZ sell directly to customer?

OZ doesn't sell direct to customer, our retail sales take place through a network of distributors.

I am a tyre dealer / spare parts dealer and would like to sell OZ wheels, who shall I get in contact with?

Get in touch with OZ distributor in your country, our sales network is growing all over the world!

In internet I saw a picture of an OZ wheel on an old car, do you still sell it?

To check immediately if we still produce it go to catalogue on line (link catalogo on line). For wheel not reported into the catalogue contact our customer service, we shall check together (customer service: +39 049 9423854). On wheel out of catalogue unfortunately we shall not guarantee the spare parts.

I have chosen OZ wheels, would you like to see how beautiful my car looks like?

Our own car is always the most beautiful.Send a couple of shots (a general one and a detailed one, focusing on the wheel) to, the best shots shall be published on the site. NB. We only collect formats compatible with the web publication.In the email test allow us to publish your pictures and if you wish, report also your full name and name of the shop where you purchased the wheels.

Where can I find hubcap, kit and spare bolts?

At your OZ retailer.

Do OZ wheels have a warranty?

Yes, all OZ, MSW, SPARCO WHEELS products are guaranteed in accordance with the legal deadline provided by local laws in force where the product is purchased. Keep the sale receipt carefully with you as purchasing and warranty evidence.

I want to make a complaint what shall I do?

"100% quality” means for us to guarantee an efficient and prompt servicing. To make a complaint trust the retailer, who sold you the wheels. OZ manages claims with the retailers’ support. We suggest you to take the wheels to the wholesaler, make sure you also have the following:

  • Sale receipt
  • Size of the wheel
  • Model, engine size, registration year of the car
  • Wheel code (printed on the inner part of the wheel)
  • Digital picture of the wheel

Are wheels on sale on EBay safe , are they original?

If you have any doubts, before placing any orders get in contact with EBay customer service. Some of our retailers have opened an “on line shop” on EBay, where they clearly report name, address and telephone number. We suggest you to carefully check the retailer’s data.Do not rely only on images, photos and logos, they may easily be duplicated.While you are purchasing the component, remember you are buying a very important part for the safety of your vehicle and of the people getting into it.We inform you that OZ joins the EBay project VeRO, programme for the verification of the ownership rights, which allows the owner of an intellectual property right to signal connections violating such property right. We have already taken measures to suspend various auctions, which are detrimental to our own rights.OZ does not waive protecting the rights of its own customers and trademark.For further details:

I am arranging a car and I want to know the exact weight of the wheels , what can I do?

To be 100% sure we suggest you to go to your retailer and directly check the weight of each single wheel you wish to purchase.We inform you that OZ manufactures and distributes ALLEGGERITA HTL, a series of particularly performing wheels: thanks to spamming the rim the HLT process (“High Light Technology”) permits it to get mechanical features which are similar to those of a forged wheel, by drastically increasing the resistance, thus decreasing the weight of the wheel. Each ALLEGGERITA HLT is equipped with a “lightness certificate” namely an exclusive label reporting: weight of each wheel, name of the operator having weighted it (max tolerance 2%), date of the control and TÜV homologation

How and when to clean the wheels?

We suggest you to clean them when they are cold, using only water and neutral detergents (avoid alcohol, solvents, gasoline, etc.) use soft sponges;avoid metal brushes or other abrasive equipment (they may scratch the transparent paint).We suggest you to clean them frequently, particularly in winter in order to avoid that salt used against the snow, brakes powder or dirt deposits may alter the brightness of your wheels.

Can I repair the wheel in case of damage? Do you have any names of repair shops?

Modular wheels may sometimes be repaired, ask your retailer for suggestions. On the contrary OZ does not intervene on the monobloc wheels and does not recognize said activity if performed privately. Repair jobs on a monobloc wheel may jeopardize its features, thus losing the guarantee on quality, performance and safety. OZ therefore does not allow said activity and all types of repair works shall be carried out with no responsibility on our part. We therefore have no availability of lists of contacts to repair our wheels.

Can I have the box to hold wheels and the instruction manual?

While purchasing our products make sure the retailer does not forget to give you the boxes (they may be useful to keep the previously assembled wheels) and above all make sure you have the instruction and use manual, which is inside the box, the retailer is obliged to give it to you.