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Formula HLT 5H

made in italy

The 2012 season marks the beginning of a partnership between OZ and Scuderia Ferrari, the most illustrious team in Formula 1. The designers at the OZ Tech Lab™, OZ’s research and development division, took their inspiration from the design and technical solutions crafted for the F2012’s 10-spoke front wheel.
Under cut and Side cut, technologies shaped by racing experience, contribute to minimizing weight as well as HLT tecnology, OZ unique production process.
Some rear applications have a concave profile, a stylish feature that enables depth in the stance of the car and highlights the racing spirit of the wheel.
The Central Lock cap which simulates the single nut found in racing wheels, or alternatively can be used with the traditional OZ hub cap in black carbon fiber with 5 visible bolt holes.

360 view

Grigio Corsa

01_formula-hlt-5h-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x75002_formula-hlt-5h-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x75003_formula-hlt-5h-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Matt Black

01_formula-hlt-5h-matt-black-jpg 1000x75002_formula-hlt-5h-matt-black-jpg 1000x75003_formula-hlt-5h-matt-black-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Race Gold

01_formula-hlt-5h-race-gold-jpg 1000x750-202_formula-hlt-5h-race-gold-jpg 1000x750-303_formula-hlt-5h-race-gold-jpg 1000x750-1
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  • Matt BlackMatt Black
  • Race GoldRace Gold

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    Product Details

    Model Monoblock
    Design 10 spokes
    Production process Low pressure casting process + Heat Treatment + HLT
    Material Al Si 7 Mg
    hlttpmswinter proof
    Offset range 23-68
    Width range 7,5-12
    Holes 5
    Special applications Race Gold only for applications Subaru 5x100
    Profiles Flat, Concave
    Finishing chosen
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    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Black carbon fibre hubcap
    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Grigio Corsa 5H center lock cap
    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug bolts ball seat
    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug bolts cone seat
    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug nuts
    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Race Gold 5H central lock cap
    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Tuner lug bolts cone seat
    formula-hlt-5h-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Tuner lug nuts cone seat