HyperXT HLT Offroad

made in italy

After the massively successful launch of HyperXT HLT, the alloy wheel that shifted the standard SUV into a performance SUV, OZ introduces a new version specifically engineered for off-road vehicles and pickups, a rapidly rising segment around the world. The HyperXT HLT off-road design was modified to give it even more “muscle” and to make room for the 6 bolt holes typically found in the off-road world. Available in 20” and in the new Gloss Black Diamond Lip finish, HyperXT HLT Off-Road now pumps adrenaline and performance into brawny vehicles designed to carry big loads.

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Product Details

Model Monoblock
Design 10 κούρσες, σειρά GT
Production process Χαμηλή πίεση + θερμική κατεργασία + HLT
Material Al Si 7 Mg
Offset range 38-45
Width range 9
Holes 6
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