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Main markings:

  • Wheel typ: model and version (application) of the wheel
  • Size: diameter and the rim width of the wheel
  • Offset (ET): distance between the centre line of the rim and the part of the wheel where the car's hub is seated
  • Aluminium alloy: chemical composition of the aluminium alloy used to produce the wheel
  • Raw wheel type: raw wheel from which the final one is produced
  • JWL VIA: requirements of the Japanese Homologation Institute VIA
  • VIA load (KG): load that the wheel has to be able to sustain according to the Japanese VIA standard
  • KBA (on the wheel face): requirements of the German Homologation Institute TÜV
  • Maximum Load (KG): maximum load that the wheel can support (ex: MAX 650 KG)

Wheel tracking markings

  • Manufacturer brand: name of the company which produced the wheel (OZ)
  • Production date: when the wheel was cast
  • Work shift identification and casting date: day and work shift when the wheel was cast
  • Country of origin: nationality of the wheel manufacturer