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Early in 2014, the engineers at the OZ Tech Lab were tasked with an ambitious project: to design and create, in Italy, a wheel that would meet OZ standards in design, technology and quality, but at a competitive price.
Omnia - the OZ wheel for everyone – required long hours and hard work to optimize production and engineering processes.
Best choice for drivers who enjoy the exclusivity of compact sports cars like the Class-A Mercedes, VW Golf and many more, Omnia are 100% made in Italy, and the key that unlocks all the performance values of the world of OZ.
Thanks to the engineering quality and attention to detail that went into its production, OMNIA takes its place as a full-fledged member of the SPORT collection, complete with the racing DNA, top construction technologies, and the highest qualitative standards (certified and approved) typical of all OZ wheels.

360 view

Matt Black

01_omnia-matt-black-jpg 1000x75002_omnia-matt-black-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Grigio Corsa Bright

01_omnia-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x75002_omnia-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x750
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    Product Details

    Model Monoblock
    Design 9 spokes
    Production process Low pressure casting process + Heat Treatment
    Material Al Si 7 Mg
    Offset range 29-50
    Width range 7,5-8
    Holes 5
    Finishing chosen
    Diameter chosen
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    omnia-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug bolts ball seat
    omnia-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug bolts cone seat
    omnia-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug nuts
    omnia-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    OZ Racing logo black hubcap
    omnia-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    OZ Racing logo grey hubcap
    omnia-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Tuner lug bolts cone seat
    omnia-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Tuner lug nuts cone seat