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Superturismo Evoluzione WRC

made in italy

An outstandingly successful wheel and a fan favorite, the Superturismo Evoluzione restores the typical rally racing heritage style with a new all-white color: the Superturismo Evoluzione WRC.

The Superturismo WRC is mount-ready for all cars that aspire to rally recognition. Thanks to the white central lock look cap with anodized red ring, your vehicle will turn heads and draw envious looks from fans of the racing world, tuning and stanced cars in all-out Wörthersee, XS Car Night or Raceism style.

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Product Details

Model Monoblock
Design Multi spokes
Production process Heat treated material
Material Al Si 7 Mg
Offset range 30 - 48
Width range 8 - 8,5
Holes 5
Profiles Flat
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Lug bolts cone seat
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Tuner lug bolts cone seat
Tuner lug nuts cone seat