Rally Raid

made in italy

The OZ off-road wheel inspired by the legendary Dakar

It has been 40 years since the first Paris-Dakar rally race, the quintessential raid that has left its mark in the annals of off-road racing. An endurance race during which the vehicles travel 10,000 kilometers in just over two weeks, braving grueling conditions and hostile terrain that conceals many hidden dangers for drivers and vehicles. It is precisely these extremely dangerous and difficult conditions that have allowed this race and the other leading international raids to stand the test of time.

Enter the OZ RALLY RAID, the original raid-inspired alloy wheel whose design DNA traces back to the racing wheels used in the toughest raids.

Designed to satisfy the tastes and needs of enthusiasts who never take their off-road vehicles to extremes but enjoy them in everyday life and pleasure trips outside the city, OZ Rally Raid is made for off-road and 4x4 vehicles, vans and pickups.

A sports legacy to be experienced every day, the wheel design lends a technical aspect to the vehicle, perfect for enthusiasts whose off-road is a lifestyle choice.

Rally Raid are engineered to last: the outer lip of the inner rim is reinforced and the design is engineered to facilitate installation on heavy vehicles (up to 1,200 kg max load).

OZ Rally Raid is available in 5 and 6 bolt pattern, in 8 x 17” and 8.5 x 18” sizes, in Matt Black and Gloss Bronze finishes.

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Gloss Bronze + Black Lettering

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Matt Black + Silver Lettering

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Race White + Red lettering

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  • Gloss Bronze + Black LetteringGloss Bronze + Black Lettering
  • Matt Black + Silver LetteringMatt Black + Silver Lettering
  • Race White + Red letteringRace White + Red lettering

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    Product Details

    Model Monoblock
    Design Dakar Racing
    Production process Heat treated material
    Material Al Si 7 Mg
    Offset range 0 - 47
    Width range 8 - 8,5
    Holes 5 - 6
    Profiles Flat
    Finishing chosen
    Diameter chosen
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    More applications available, for info contact your OZ local distributor



     FIAT  FULLBACK  KTOT  6x139,7  25/35
     FORD  RANGER  2AB, 2019  6x139,7  25/35/44
     ISUZU  D-MAX  ATFS  6x139,7  25
     JEEP  WRANGLER JK and JL  JK , JL  5x127  0/37
     MERCEDES  G-KLASSE 350d  463  5x130  35
     MERCEDES  X-CLASS  4701  6x114,3  20/37
     MITSUBISHI  L200_2016  KJOT  6x139,7  25/35
     MITSUBISHI  PAJERO V80 OE16  V8V. V80  6x139,7  25/35
     NISSAN  NAVARA  D40  6x114,3  20
     NISSAN  NAVARA D231  D231  6x114,3  20/37
     RENAULT  ALASKAN  D231C  6x114,3  20/37
     TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER 200 series  J20  5x150  30*
     TOYOTA  HILUX 2012  N2  6x139,7  25
     TOYOTA  HILUX 2016  AN1P  6x139,7  25
     VOLKSWAGEN  TOUAREG PCD 120X5  7L  5x120  35
     VOLKSWAGEN  AMAROK  2H  5x120  0/35
     VOLKSWAGEN  TRANSPORTER / BUS T5/T6  7HC, 7HMA, 7J0  5x120  0/35


     FIAT  FULLBACK  KTOT  6x139,7  0/25/35
     FORD  F150 - RAPTOR  6x135  0/34
     FORD  RANGER  2AB, 2019  6x139,7  0/25/35/47
     ISUZU  D-MAX  ATFS  6x139,7  0/25
     JEEP  WRANGLER JK and JL  JK  5x127  0/26
     MERCEDES  G-KLASSE 350d  463  5x130  32
     MERCEDES  X-CLASS  4701  6x114,3  40
     MITSUBISHI  L200_2016  KJOT  6x139,7  0/25/35
     MITSUBISHI  PAJERO V80 OE16  V8V. V80  6x139,7  0/25/35
     NISSAN  NAVARA D231  D231  6x114,3  40
     RENAULT  ALASKAN  D231C  6x114,3  40
     TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER 200 series  J20  5x150  30*
     TOYOTA  LAND CRUISER 2008  J15TMG  6x139,7  0
     TOYOTA  HILUX  N25T/N2/AN1P  6x139,7  0/25
     VOLKSWAGEN  AMAROK  2H  5x120  10/30/38
     VOLKSWAGEN  TRANSPORTER / BUS T5/T6  7HC, 7HMA, 7J0  5x120  38


    *Application with central hole design, no hubcap

    Applications without the hubcap:



    W01C00001AR9 | 5x150 | ET 30
    W01C00001ARF | 5x150 | ET 30
    W01C00102RF | 6x139,7 | ET 25
    W01C00107R9 | 6x139,7 | ET 25
    W01C00107RF | 6x139,7 | ET 25



    W01C01001AR9 | 5x150 | ET 30
    W01C01001ARF | 5x150 | ET 30
    W01C01803RF | 6x139,7 | ET 25
    W01C01803AR9 | 6x139,7 | ET 25
    W01C01803ARF | 6x139,7 | ET 25

    Wheel gallery


    Black carbon fibre hubcap
    Lug bolts ball seat
    Lug bolts cone seat
    Lug nuts
    Tuner lug bolts cone seat
    Tuner lug nuts cone seat