Rally Desert

made in italy

Sturdy and streamlined. Thanks to the distribution of its spokes, it delivers all the toughness needed for off-road performance without sacrificing sleek, airy style. When it comes to looks, the new Rally Desert lends a breathtaking air of lightness.

Just as on racing rims, the reinforced outer lip grants the wheel extreme strength, engineered to conquer the roughest terrains.

Even the customization is meticulously detailed: the OZ Racing wording is laser engraved and protected from corrosion by a special clear-coat.

Despite its visually lightweight structure, it boasts a totally respectable max load (up to 1,250 kg per wheel). Rally Desert can be mounted on off-road vehicles and pickups, in addition to being especially suited to heavy commercial vehicles.

Rally Desert comes in 18-inch diameter with an ample array of applications, in two finishes: Matt Black and Matt Black Diamond Lip.

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Matt Black

360 view

Matt Black + Diamond Lip

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    Product Details

    Model Monoblock
    Design Multispoke
    Production process Low Pressure Casting Process + Heat treated material
    Material AlSi7
    Offset range 25 - 55
    Width range 8
    Holes 5 - 6
    Profiles Flat
    Finishing chosen
    Diameter chosen
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    8Jx18” 5H


    Marca  Modello  TYP  PCD  ET
    Ford  Bronco Sport  5x108  35
    Volkswagen  Amarok  2H,2HS2  5x120  35
    Volkswagen  Touareg  R5 7L  5x120  45

    8Jx18” 6H


    Marca  Modello  TYP  PCD  ET
    Ford  Ranger  2AB 2019  6x139,7  25/41
    Ford  Ranger Raptor  2AB 2019  6x139,7  25/41
    Ford  Bronco  2AB 2019  6x139,7  25
    Toyota  Land Cruiser  300 MY 2022  6x139,7  45
    Toyota  Land Cruiser  300 GR MY 2022  6x139,7  45

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