OZ Magnesium Limited Edition

OZ Magnesium Limited Edition

Chasing maximum lightness


We humans have long looked to Nature for new technological solutions that would improve our daily life.

We have learned to observe and study everything around us, figuring out how things work, interpreting and copying them.

This is why OZ, in its unrelenting quest for sheer performance, has chosen to work with one of the basic elements in Nature ‒ magnesium.


What inspired us

Magnesium (Mg) is the lightest of structural metals (density of 1.78 kg/dm3, while the specific weight of aluminum is 2.74 kg/dm3).


The advantages of magnesium

In general, magnesium alloys exhibit significant specific mechanical strength and are extremely lightweight.

It is often thought, erroneously, that metals like steel and titanium are stronger than light alloys. Magnesium ‒ despite having a specific weight one-sixth that of steel and one-third that of titanium ‒ when appropriately optimized using CAD/CAM tools and recharacterized with heat treatments, gains superior mechanical resistance, with half the weight.

Lightness and robust strength make magnesium an ideal material, vital to the defense and aerospace industries.


Research and experience

Thanks to these qualities, magnesium is also the perfect material for use in motorsports. OZ has molded this light yet strong alloy to produce ever thinner rims and record-setting structural-mechanical resistance, with a substantial reduction in weight. The manufacturing technology based on low-pressure casting of magnesium is used specifically in the world of WRC, where rigidity and endurance are the most sought-after features in wheels. Forged magnesium, instead, is the material used in F1 and exemplifies the top in available technology, producing the wheels used by the most legendary, winning teams.


The results

Every OZ wheel is the offspring of technical innovations and, above all, of the emotions carried over from motorsports. With the application of magnesium to its after-market products, OZ once again shakes up the alloy wheel market by offering high-performance street wheels, almost race-worthy.

The results are two new wheels, designed and manufactured using two different production processes and available only in limited edition, both inspired by the experience of OZ in competition at the highest levels:

  • Superturismo Magnesio, made of cast magnesium and intended exclusively for track use
  • Ultimate Magnesio, made of forged magnesium and engineered to be the lightest, most durable and strongest street wheel ever




Welcome to the magnesium era: announcing Magnesium Limited Edition, the new family of OZ Racing alloy wheels in limited edition, with latest generation techno-innovative traits.