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Superturismo AERO-e

Fabriqué en Italie

The new Superturismo Aero-e means more aerodynamic optimization, more integration, more innovation and energy savings: this is the green-performance solution that OZ “puts to the road” today. Years of Formula E experience – data development and acquisition, hundreds of prototypes engineered in the OZ Tech Lab and on-track validation by the leading teams – led to the development of the Superturismo AERO-e.

Aerodynamics are everything, but integration is even more so. The structure of the new generation of Superturismo wheels – integrated with the Full Aero Flap system and the Full Aero Cap – takes the aerodynamic concept, applied to wheels, to a completely new level.

Race technology and performance for powerful, but green, electric vehicles.

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Détails des produits

Modèle Monobloc
Design Multispokes
Procédé de fabrication Low Pressure Casting Process + Heat treated material + HLT
Matériau Al Si 7 Mg
Gamme de déport 25 - 60
Gamme de largeur 8 - 11
Trous 5
Profils Flat + Concave
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Designed and developed exclusively for high-performance all-electric vehicles.
The AERO-e is fitted with special FULL AERO FLAPS, designed and developed exclusively for high-performance all-electric vehicles that require optimized aerodynamic flows, further reduce CD (drag coefficient), saving energy and increasing range.

The first aftermarket wheel to be tested in a wind tunnel.
The first aftermarket wheel designed for and tested in a wind tunnel environment to achieve maximum performance and aerodynamic efficiency for all-electric cars, with a positive focus on reducing drag coefficient and improving battery range. 

Full Aero Flap inserts reduce open surfaces on the wheel, maximizing aerodynamic flows.
Custom flaps that make the wheel profile seem almost solid reduce open surfaces to a minimum. In addition to forging futuristic lines, they optimize aerodynamic flows and save energy, which translates to greater range.

Special profiles and vertical slits optimize air extraction flow.
The special wing profiles and vertical slits on the FULL AERO FLAPS ensure sufficient, optimized air extraction, both on the outer lip and along the spokes, to maintain the proper brake cooling level.

A distinctive dimpled surface produces the Magnus effect, manipulating airflow in such a way that it reduces aerodynamic drag and improves efficiency.
The FULL AERO FLAP surface is covered with concave hemispheres (dimples) like the ones used to optimize the aerodynamics of golf balls. These special “hollows” create the Magnus effect, which reduces surface turbulence to a minimum during wheel rotation, optimizing the aerodynamic efficiency of the entire wheel, further reducing CD. 

Weight reduction, stiffness optimization, improved handling.
A manufacturing technology that makes the wheel lighter, further elevating driving dynamics performance, while ensuring the kind of structural integrity required to pass the most stringent safety tests. The exclusive HLT manufacturing process achieves mechanical characteristics comparable to those of a forged wheel, in terms of both weight reduction and structural strength.

The Full Aero Cap with dimple technology surface is flawlessly integrated into the wheel profile.
Designed as an alternative to the iconic central lock look cap, the CENTRAL AERO CAP is seamlessly incorporated into the wheel structure to provide an aerodynamically “perfect” flat central area. The CENTRAL AERO CAP, like the FULL AERO FLAP, was developed using dimple technology.




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