OZ Atelier Forged


made in italy

Ares: the perfect example of the marriage of performance and style.

Ares: the perfect example of the marriage of performance and style.

Designed by the same engineers who craft OZ competition wheels, ARES production begins with a forged billet to which the exclusive OZ HLT technology is applied – combined, these two technologies imbue Ares with the qualities of light weight and mechanical resistance and strength that add up to extremely high performance. Use of the same 5-axis mills employed in creating racing wheels pushes the technology to the max and ensures record-setting lightness.The thin, straight, sculpted spokes and undercut translate to extremely high mechanical performance and at the same time, a considerable reduction in weight.But the real Ares difference lies in their extreme concavity, thoroughly in keeping with the latest automotive aesthetics. The ARES profile can be customized in three versions: STANDARD, CONCAVE and DEEP CONCAVE. Aficionados can choose the profile best suited to their vehicle.The ARES applications are all designed to create a more aggressive look, with optimized OFFSET to improve on the original trim.

Matt Black

01_ares-matt-black-jpg 1000x75002_ares-matt-black-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Matt Dark Graphite

01_ares-matt-dark-graphite-jpg 1000x75002_ares-matt-dark-graphite-jpg 1000x75003_ares-matt-dark-graphite-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Grigio Corsa

01_ares-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x75002_ares-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x75003_ares-grigio-corsa-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Hand Brushed

01_ares-hand-brushed-jpg 1000x75002_ares-hand-brushed-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Black Anodized

01_ares-black-anodized-jpg 1000x75002_ares-black-anodized-jpg 1000x75003_ares-black-anodized-jpg 1000x750
360 view

Ceramic Polished


Gloss Black


Matt Bronze


Matt Red


Race Gold


Race Silver


Race White

360 view

Hand Brushed Dark

360 view

Hand Brushed Bronze


White Gold

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Choose between 15 colours

Colours available in

  • Matt BlackMatt Black
  • Matt Dark GraphiteMatt Dark Graphite
  • Grigio CorsaGrigio Corsa
  • Hand BrushedHand Brushed
  • Black AnodizedBlack Anodized
  • Ceramic PolishedCeramic Polished
  • Gloss BlackGloss Black
  • Matt BronzeMatt Bronze
  • Matt RedMatt Red
  • Race GoldRace Gold
  • Race SilverRace Silver
  • Race WhiteRace White
  • Hand Brushed BronzeHand Brushed Bronze
  • Hand Brushed DarkHand Brushed Dark
  • White GoldWhite Gold

Discover all the diameters available and the relative colours

Diameters available for


    Product Details

    Model Monoblock
    Design Multispokes
    Production process Forged + HLT
    Material EN-AW 6082
    hlttpmsrun flatwinter proof
    Offset range customized
    Width range 9 - 11,5
    Holes 5
    Profiles Flat, Concave, Deep Concave
    Finishing chosen
    Diameter chosen
    How find product

    Depending on chosen wheel/application combination, there are 3 different concavity profiles of the wheel: Standard, Concave and Deep Concave.




    OE Plus
    Optimized fit suggested by OZ.
    More aggressive sporty look than OE, ensuring internal and external clearence of car component.

    Choose your own offset, on request.
    Custom fitments do not guarantee internal and external clearance of the vehicle and/or the compliance with laws or regulations of local authorities. Custom fitments are produced to customer specification on request, therefore OZ recommends consulting fitments with a professional shop before placing your order.



    Wheel gallery


    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Black Anodized Atelier hubcap
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Grigio Corsa Atelier hubcap
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Hand Brushed Atelier hubcap
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug bolts ball seat
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug bolts cone seat
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Lug nuts
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Matt Dark Graphite Atelier hubcap
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Tuner lug bolts cone seat
    ares-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-6
    Tuner lug nuts cone seat