New campaign launches


In these times of general uncertainty, only the brands that have strenuously built their identity ‒ inspiring their fans and leading them to identify with it ‒ can confidently look beyond the “storm”. Bolstered by an immeasurable asset, brand memorability, they will be able to leverage this key factor to build strong emotional bonds, affection and loyalty over time.

OZ Racing has consistently worked in this direction and is now ready to accelerate by raising the bar, “warming up” its community (members and non-members) through a new institutional campaign.

With the aim to tug the heartstrings of its own fans, the campaign narrates to the public what it means to genuinely become one with their passion, every day. The same passion that ties OZ Racing to the #OZTribe.

After the initial teasing phase, the Call Me Obsessed campaign will launch in the next few days, featuring six different categories of OZ-brand fans: tuners, motorsport lovers, off-roaders, track-day enthusiasts, gamers and performance-addicted.


#CallMeObsessed is a declaration of love. An inner monologue that reveals to the Tribe the emotions that inspire the most passionate fans. A flood of feelings illustrates what it truly means to be an enthusiast ‒ of cars and of OZ.

Six videos, one for each persona. Short but extremely moving tales, able to communicate in just a few seconds the all-encompassing intensity with which fans experience their passion. Filled with pride and inspiration, the tone of voice builds empathy by connecting with those who join the conversation, stimulating a renewed sense of brand belonging.

The reveal campaign will run to early 2023, each month focused on a specific target. Deployed on all the OZ Racing digital channels, the push is supported by paid advertising. The digital campaign also includes community engagement through user-generated content and implementation of an influencer marketing strategy.