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The Sparco brand has long been synonymous with speed, racing, technology and true car passion.

The Sparco brand has long been synonymous with speed, racing, technology and true car passion.

Not long ago, Sparco Wheels decided to transfer these values to the off-road arena and specifically to vehicles where the outdoors is a lifestyle choice.

Now, Sparco takes another step into this world, launching a new dedicated alloy wheel: Sparco Gravel.

The point of departure or, better yet, of inspiration, was again the overseas 4x4 world, while the technology and quality are consistently OZ, a real, true guarantee.

Sparco Gravel is a powerful wheel, yet lightweight in its lines. It has an outer lip with a polygonal cutout motif which, in addition to reducing the weight of the wheel itself, is also a key design element.

Thanks to its aggressive design, Sparco Gravel immediately emboldens the appearance of light off-road vehicles, but is also ideally suited to the customization of mid-size crossovers and VANs with off-road aspirations.

Sparco Gravel is available in 8 x 17” and 8 x 18”, in Matt Black or Rally Bronze finishes and Matt Graphite (only for some applications).

Like all Sparco Wheels, Sparco Gravel is TÜV certified to ensure maximum safety and overall quality, values consistently honored and respected by OZ.

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Matt Black

360 view

Matt Graphite

360 view

Rally Bronze

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  • Matt GraphiteMatt Graphite
  • Matt BlackMatt Black
  • Rally BronzeRally Bronze

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Detalles del producto

Modelo Mono-bloque
Diseño Off-Road design
tpmsrun flatwinter proof
Rangos de desplazamiento 35 - 48
Rangos de anchuras 8
Agujeros 5
Perfiles Flat
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