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Machining and heat treatment

Machining and heat treatment


Process refers only to forged wheels. The blank face of the wheel is set on a CNC (computer numerical control) machine whereby a vertical lathe works the wheel channel and hub where the vehicles mounting hub and braking system will be placed. The aesthetic design of the wheel face is then machined by a multi axial lathe.


Thermal treatments or heat treatments.

Processes to reinstate the structural integrity and strength, which are compromised in the initial iron and steel work processes.

Structural tempering: The semi-finished wheel is heated to temperatures of 400-600 degrees C, a process causing the annealing o the binders and the stabilization of the molecular pressure.

Aging: Natural or artificial aging completes the cycle of treatments and makes the alloy ready for structural use. Aluminium alloys are subjected to T6 type treatment, characterised by artificial aging, while magnesium alloy wheels undergo a T4 type treatment characterised by natural aging.