OZ Atelier Forged

Ultimate Alu

Made in Italy

As always, the goal of the OZ Tech Lab was very ambitious – the transfer of R&D technologies and production process optimization developed during conceptualization of the limited edition in magnesium to its offspring – the Ultimate ALU.

The resulting rim met every expectation. Ultimate ALU incorporates the foremost technical features of its magnesium parent while adopting an even sleeker design – thanks to the greater density of the aluminum alloy compared to magnesium (the specific weight of aluminum is 2.74 kg/dm3).

Considering the change in material, at comparable applications (central lock exclusively for Porsche 991 GT2 RS and GT3 RS), its weight is record-setting: the Ultimate ALU weighs 8.97 kg, making it the lightest ever OZ forged aluminum wheel. Rigidity and structural strength also set new records – by applying HLT technology to the unprocessed raw material, a phenomenal strength-to-lightness ratio became reality.

Extremely aggressive side cuts were developed for the Ultimate ALU wheel, which was entirely produced using 5-axis mills to ensure it was lightweight yet also rigid, for improved handling on the already ultra-high-performance Porsche models.

Ultimate ALU rims are available for Porsche 991, 992 and GT4 RS, with staggered fitments of 20” front and 21” rear, in the base Grigio Corsa Bright finish and “personal color” on-demand finishes: Gloss Black, Matt Black, Race White, Star Graphite, Matt Bronze, Race Gold and White Gold.

360 view

Grigio Corsa Bright

Star Graphite

Matt Bronze

Race Gold

White Gold

Matt Black

Race White

Gloss Black

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  • Grigio Corsa BrightGrigio Corsa Bright
  • Matt BlackMatt Black
  • Gloss BlackGloss Black
  • Race WhiteRace White
  • Star GraphiteStar Graphite
  • Matt BronzeMatt Bronze
  • Race GoldRace Gold
  • White GoldWhite Gold

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Modell einteilig
Design Multispoke
Herstellungsart Forged
Material 6082
Art der Verwendung
Original-Nabenkappe verwendbar Porsche Central Lock
Einpreßtiefe 41 - 70
Breite 8,5 - 13
Lochzahl Central Lock
Verwendungsbereich Porsche 991, 992, GT4RS
Profile Flat + Concave
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 9Jx20 H2  Central lock  41  8,95
 9Jx20 H2  Central lock  51  8,77
 9,5Jx20 H2  Central lock  44  9,11
 9,5Jx20 H2  Central lock  46  9,11
 9,5Jx20 H2  Central lock  50  8,97
 12Jx21 H2  Central lock  45  10,71
 12,5Jx21 H2  Central lock  48  10,87
 11,5Jx21 H2  Central lock  67  10,51
 12Jx21 H2  Central lock  70  10,77


The weights given refer only to specific applications that are indicated on the table and are subject to a tolerance of +/- 5%