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The first Sparco off-road wheel

The Sparco brand has long been associated with qualities like speed, racing, technological advances and a passion for cars.

Sparco Wheels has now decided to transfer these values to the off-road arena and specifically for vehicles where the outdoors is a lifestyle choice.

Enter the Sparco Dakar.

Inspired by the overseas world of 4x4s and pickups, the technical contents are nonetheless those developed by OZ in years of participation in raids around the world.
The result is the Sparco Dakar, a muscular yet lightweight wheel, embellished with aesthetic rivets and able to make-over the look of your off-road vehicle giving it a more aggressive appearance.

Sparco Dakar is available for a range of off-roads/pickups in the following sizes: 7.5x17, 8.5x17, 8.5x18 in 5 and 6 bolt pattern, and only in Matt Black Full Polished finish + rivets.

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Matt Black Lip Polished + Rivets

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  • Matt Black Lip Polished + RivetsMatt Black Lip Polished + Rivets

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Technické specikace

Model Jednodílné
Design (vzhled) 10 off-road multi spokes
Výrobní proces Gravity Casting Process + Heat Treatment
Materiál Al Si 7 Mg
zális ET 0 - 42
šířka 7,5 - 8,5
díry 5 - 6
Profil Flat + Concave
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* All versions are available with the Sparco off-road big cap, with the exception of the 7.5 x 17” version (5x100, 5x110, 5x112, 5x114) available with small Sparco hubcap only. Some applications are designed for off-road use only. Check with your local dealer for more information.
** JWL- T certified

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