The new F1 season is about to rev up in Australia

The new F1 season is about to rev up in Australia

Just a few days at the beginning of the 2017 FormulaOne season. All teams are now arriving in Australia, Albert Park in Melbourne for the first race.

The new season opens with important news to the Regulation regarding aerodynamics and tires and wheels, changes that aim to get lower lap times.

The track increases from 1800 to 2000 mm. Also wheel and tire measures change: each front is 6 cm wider, while the rears go up by 8 each. This larger footprint translates into increased mechanical grip. This results in greater cornering speeds. But aerodynamic resistance also increases because of the bigger frontal area of the tires (compared to a normal road car, an F1 car has a less effective aerodynamic coefficient of penetration!) and so drag is greater and top speed suffers accordingly. From a designer’s point of view, the potential is enormous: only at the end of the season will we see how much of an increase in performance there has been compared to the previous cars. (source

Teams officially equipped with OZ wheels, Made in Italy, are:

- Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport

- Scuderia Ferrari

- Red Bull Racing

- Renaul Sport Formula One Team.

We say "good luck" to all of them for a great season full of exciting battles and incredible performances.