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Anniversary 45

made in italy

OZ was established in 1971 by Silvano Oselladore and Pietro Zen -- two close friends with a shared passion for cars -- who were destined to become automotive pioneers, creating a brand and products that would dictate technical and stylistic trends across the entire market over the next 45 years.

Out back, behind the gas station in Rossano Veneto (province of Vicenza) in 1971, the idea for “number one”, the first OZ wheel, became a reality. It was made for a Mini Cooper entered in a local rally race.

In 2016 the company celebrates its own 45th anniversary with a contemporary reinterpretation of the “number one”, the very first OZ wheel.

Dubbed Anniversary 45, it revisits the retro style typical of the light alloy wheels of the ‘70s, while at the same time making use of today’s state-of-the-art technologies. An iconic wheel for iconic cars like MINI and the FIAT 500, but not only.


Anniversary 45 is also available in many other applications, allowing a design personalization of a large number of vehicles currently on the market.

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Matt Titanium Tech Diamond Lip

01_anniversary45-matt-titanium-tech-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75002_anniversary45-matt-titanium-tech-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75003_anniversary45-matt-titanium-tech-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75004_anniversary45-matt-titanium-tech-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x750
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Black Diamond Lip

01_anniversary45-black-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75002_anniversary45-black-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75003_anniversary45-black-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75004_anniversary45-black-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x750
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Ceramic Polished

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Race White Diamond Lip

01_anniversary45-race-white-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75002_anniversary45-race-white-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75003_anniversary45-race-white-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x75004_anniversary45-race-white-diamond-lip-jpg 1000x750
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  • Black Diamond LipBlack Diamond Lip
  • Matt Titanium Tech Diamond LipMatt Titanium Tech Diamond Lip
  • Race White Diamond LipRace White Diamond Lip
  • Ceramic PolishedCeramic Polished

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    Product Details

    Model Monoblock
    Design Retro Design
    Production process Low pressure casting process + heat treatment
    Material Al Si 7 Mg
    Offset range 25-50
    Width range 7-7,5
    Holes 4-5
    Finishing chosen
    Diameter chosen
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    Anniversary-45-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-7
    Black hubcap with OZ vintage logo


    Anniversary-45-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-7
    Red hubcap with OZ vintage logo


    Anniversary-45-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-7
    Retro Bowl Cap with black hubcap with OZ vintage logo


    Anniversary-45-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-7
    Retro Bowl Cap with red hubcap with OZ vintage logo


    Anniversary-45-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-7
    Lug bolts ball seat
    Anniversary-45-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-7
    Lug bolts cone seat
    Anniversary-45-technical-images-jpg 1000x750-7
    Lug nuts