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Formula HLT 4H

made in italy

After the huge success of the 5 hole, Formula HLT comes also in a 4 hole version.
The F1-inspired wheel has evolved to customize even the most compact cars that make them sporty and aggressive. Technologies developed by OZ after working with leading F1 teams that led to the success of the 5-hole wheel, have now been used for cars with 4-hole wheels that offer the same technical features.
HLT, Side cut, low weight and Extended Hump are the main features typical of this wheel. The Central Lock cap which simulates the single nut found in racing wheels, or alternatively can be used with the traditional OZ hub cap in black carbon fiber with 4 visible bolt holes.

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Matt Black

360 view

Grigio Corsa

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    Product Details

    Model Monoblock
    Design 8 spokes
    Production process Low pressure casting process + Heat Treatment + HLT
    Material Al Si 7 Mg
    Offest range 20-42
    Width range 7-7,5
    Holes 4
    Colour chosen
    Diameter chosen
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    Black carbon fibre hubcap
    Grigio Corsa 4H central lock cap
    Lug bolts ball seat
    Lug bolts cone seat
    Lug nuts
    Matt Black 4H central lock cap
    Tuner lug bolts cone seat
    Tuner lug nuts cone seat