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MSW 86

As with all MSW wheels, MSW 86 were developed by the OZ style center, designed and engineered to ensure the technical performance and safety typical of OZ products, while at the same time featuring a design aesthetic in sync with many of the most popular cars, like the Mercedes C-Class, BMW 2-series, Alfa Romeo Giulietta or Fiat Grande Punto.
These the stylistic features of MSW 86: 7 slender double spokes describe the perfect lines and shape for an even more dynamic and sporty look.

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    Model Monoblock
    Design Multispokes
    Offest range 22-48
    Width range 6-7,5
    Holes 4-5
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    Lug bolts cone seat
    Lug nuts
    MSW since 1985 black hubcap
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