OZ 3D Car Configurator


Discover the OZ Effect. Mount the wheel you want with just one click!

OZ is pleased to present the 3D Car Configurator.

The tool allows you to customize your vehicle with the most stunning wheels from the OZ collection. Choosing amongst the various wheel styles, colours and sizes, you can see the effect they would have mounted on your own car.
Car gallery is constantly updated with highly realistic 3D images and includes all models from the main car manufacturers. Not all the car pictures are now available. Car models will be increased by the time. If you wish to see all 3D cars pictures available please flag “show only the cars 3D”.
OZ Wheels are always on 3D (frontal and rear view). The configurator on default shows all the applications, so you can see which kind of OZ wheel can fit the car. We start with OZ wheels, in a second step we will add MSW and Sparco Wheels.

All you have to do is chose the style of wheel you want and the model of your car by clicking here .

We hope you will enjoy it!

To get the real thing, contact your closest OZ authorized dealer or one of the Paddock Club OZ.

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